Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fans of Marlene Dietrich

Mitzi Polt

Hanz Stuwe working on the Film Blaue Junge (Austrian title: Matrosenliebe Ahoi)

Honeymoon of Biederstaedt and Bohm, arriving on the Hawaiian airport. Mara Flohr is greeting them with a hawaiian flowers

Liane Augustin

Catherine Deneuve in Honolulu for the film Standing Tall October 2015

Johnny Hallyday

Maria Jeritz

Erika and Johnny Kahalewai (Fans of Marlene)

Rita H. with Elfie Mayerhofer, the viennese nightingale in France.


Marlene was supposed to record this song but sadly, it fell in the water

Sarah Bernhardt

Rita Gallos, viennes singer who recorded 'Falling in Love Again' from 'Blue Angel' in german.

Right after listening to Marlene sing 'Falling in Love Again' (von Prittwitz, Sperl,  Mattheussen, Polt)

French Party with Siegfried Ramler who translated at Nurnberg Trial after the second World War.

Zarah Leander and life ayerhofer's birthday 15th of March
Lazy bay Kodiak island with the owner of Kodiak Airways

Tom Cruise in Alaska

In SchloB-Holte-Stukenbrock

with Penny Cooke

Friend from Alaska

                                                                                                                                                                      Ann McCormack

Carlos Palomino and Alina Borkowski in fists of steel made in hawaii. We're having a coffee break or whatever.

Gabriel                                                                       Andrea                                                                    

Milton Greene was the biggest fan of Marlene Dietrich, worshipping the ground that she walked on. 

Dietrich Valley
Dietrich Valley

Dietrich Pass in  Alaska

A heavenly car for a heavenly lady


dr Ewald Hochsteger
Ida Wosch

Christos Cheropoulos

Gilles Payant

Maria Jeritza + Shirley Tempel in the 30's

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